Industrial Hardware

Selectlok Ltd supplies hardware solutions to a wide range of industries, including sheet-metal fabricators, electronic cabinet manufacturers, boat manufacturers, and truck and trailer manufacturers.

We provide products and expertise to any manufacturer who requires quality hardware including:

  • Latches, locks, and locking accessories
  • Compression locks, cam locks, and quarter turns
  • L and T handles, swing handles, and pull handles
  • Hinges
  • Drawer slides
  • Gas Struts
  • Sealing rubber
  • Transport hardware
  • Display cabinet and signage hardware
  • Fasteners and tools
  • Electronic products; lithium jump-start packs, solar panels
  • RV hardware
  • Marine hardware

We also re-gas gas struts.

Quality Products at a Competitive Price

We have supplier partnerships with some of the world’s leading hardware manufacturers. This includes being New Zealand’s sole agents for Dirak, Mesan, and Jump Solar electronic products.

This means, we can offer the highest quality industrial and trade hardware at competitive prices.

Our extensive supplier network also enables us to source out of the ordinary, specialised and bespoke products. Contact the Selectlok team to discuss your project needs.

Expert Sales Service and Advice

Our team of experienced salespeople are ready to supply all the product knowledge and advice required to ensure a satisfactory solution to your hardware needs.

Our aim is that our industrial hardware products will have the lowest installation costs possible and an ease of assembly that reduces your total manufacturing cost.

We have mobile representatives with experience and expert product knowledge who can call on your business to discuss your hardware requirements and arrange a trade account.

Phone us today, or use our contact form.

Gas Struts - Design and Re-Gassing

We are gas strut specialists. Whether for car boots and bonnets, boat hatches, horse floats and trailer ramps, kitchen cabinetry, or large industrial applications, we can calculate and specify the correct gas strut for your application.

The science of gas strut design is not a simple one. There are numerous considerations and factors to select the correct type of gas strut, determine the mounting positions and calculate the force required to ensure correct operation.

Bring us your vehicle, or email us some photos or project plans, and we will advise on the best gas strut solution for you.

We also re-gas gas struts. So, forget propping that car boot or ute door open with a broom handle – just come on into our Henderson showroom or courier your faulty gas struts to us and we will advise whether they are suitable for regassing.